Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

If you're like me using keyboard shortcuts can make everyday tasks on your computer much quicker. I love using ALT + TAB to quickly switch between applications on my (windows) computer without having to move my hand to the mouse and navigate there.

I've always wished Google Chrome had some keyboard shortcuts for switching between tabs but apparently they already thought of that and have them built in right now.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Switch to the next tab to the right: CTRL + TAB
  • Switch to the next tab to the left: CTRL + SHIFT + TAB
  • Switch to the last tab on the right: CTRL + 9

And of course there are the obvious ones that everyone should already be using:

  • New Tab: CTRL + T
  • New Window: CTRL + N
  • New Incognito Window: CTRL + SHIFT + N

If you are looking for where I found these and more here you go: