Reduce Initial File Size of SQL Server Transaction Log File

I've found several times in the past times where some genius setup the initial file size of a SQL server transaction log to be huge. Today for example, I came across a database on Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 server that had a log file with an initial size of 100+gb while the database itself was only around 450mb.

So here is the quick dirty way to change the initial size of the transaction log file:

1. Create a full backup of the database in question

2. go to the database properties (right click on the DB -> properties), under the "options" section, change the database recovery model to "Simple" then press OK

3. right click on the database to go "Tasks" -> "Shrink" -> "Files"

4. From the "File Type" menu, select "Log" and press OK

5. go back to database properties -> options and change the recovery model back to "Full" (do not press OK)

6. click on the "Files" section of the properties window and change the initial size and growth rate of the log file. then press OK

7. jump for joy, your log file is now a reasonable size!