Add Another Local Disk on XenServer as a new Storage Repository

from xenserver console:

fdisk -l

that should return an error like this:

Disk /dev/sdb doesn't contain a valid partition table

your local hard drive is "/dev/sdb" or whatever the error the first command shows you

run this command

xe host-list

that will return something like this:

uuid ( RO) : 3614fba9-f5fc-1c57-0b42-58513c51fc1c

name-label ( RW): xenb

name-description ( RO): Default install of XenServer

copy the UUID of your host server to the clipboard.

xe sr-create host-uuid=<your host UUID> content-type=user type=lvmohba device-config:device=/dev/sdb shared=false name-label="Local_Stor_2"

if you get an error you may need to unmount your current local storage in order to add the new one.

to do this, run this command:

xe pbd-list

get the UUID of your current storage

run this:

xe pbd-unplug uuid=<your storage UUID>

then try mounting your Hardware HBA through Xencenter.

This worked for me, hope it does for you too